British Swimming - Ines

13 year old Olympic swimming prodigy, currently receiving full-time homeschooling with Minerva.

It’s fair to say 13-year-old Olympic hopeful Inès Guimond-Beetham is on a roll. Last year in the Middlesex County Championships she scooped eight golds, winning the 50m, 100m and 200m butterfly, the 100m, 400m, 800m and 1,500m freestyle, and the 400m individual medley. 

Inès has been receiving private homeschooling from Minerva Tutors for the last year and the results are showing. We implemented a homeschooling timetable to fit entirely around her swimming schedule. Even when the family moved to Canada due to the pandemic, Ines’ tutors, Elaanor and Diana, continued to tutor her online, with no disruption to her learning and development.

"I keep thinking that Inès is one of the few children whose schooling has been continuous during the pandemic,’ says Stephanie, Inès’ mother, ‘I certainly keep that thought to myself but I imagine that all of your pupils are in the same wonderful situation! So a huge thank you as Eleanor and Diana have been absolutely amazing. Inès is eager to please them and she is thriving, really enjoying learning with them."

Scott Viney, head of homeschooling at Minerva Tutors, is delighted seeing Inès do so well. ‘She’s one of the shining stars, really. I’m excited for her and the fact she’s continuing with us into her GCSEs. She’s got a really bright future ahead of her.’