Karting - Homeschooling with Dion

Dion Gowda is a name to watch.

Six years ago, Minerva was approached by Dion's family to provide a highly bespoke, unique 1-on-1 homeschooling programme to contribute to the wider ambition: to help Dion, a blazingly fast junior carting sensation, become the first Indian driver ever to reach Formula 1.

The family were attracted to Minerva even in the company's infancy. After its launch in 2014, Minerva quickly became one of the fastest-growing education companies in the UK, winning National Education Awards and being described by the Good Schools Guide as 'the Innocent Drinks of the tutoring world’.

By focusing on pupil confidence, Dion's tutor, Udi, and the back office team at Minerva are able to produce outstanding results in Dion’s academic performance and personal development. As a Doctor of philosophy, Udi specialises in Economics, Maths, Biology, Physics and English for his clients in higher education, although covers all subjects for children of Dion's age.

Having worked with Udi for many years, Dion’s working relationship with his tutor is second to none. Together, they manage his studies in 1-2 hour blocks for efficient learning, regularly reviewing progress to improve where possible. With Udi’s support, Dion’s education is completely flexible, ensuring there is no impact on his development.

More than just academics

Working closely with Dion, Udi approaches homeschooling in the following ways:

  • Responsive - available 24/7 (especially over standard holiday time which is usually when there is the most availability for lessons) to cater to tutoring or educational needs.
  • Flexibility around Dion's availability (which can often shift last minute) in particular. Examples: Christmas, Easter, bank holidays etc.
  • Multidimensional - Udi covers the core curriculum as well as spending time on additional facets of personal development (often guided by the family) including emotional intelligence, public speaking, reading, etc.
  • Engagement - a significant driver of the ongoing relationship - Dion's schedule is very packed, busy and stressful at times. As opposed to being another stressor to add to the list Udi creates fun and engaging lessons that are applicable to his sport and/or life.
  • Preparation - in advance of interviews, press, sponsorship duties, etc Udi works to compose the source materials for Dion's dialogue, media pack, presentations, etc
  • Sounding board / release valve / bridge - during more turbulent periods - Udi can lend an ear to both student and parent. The aim here is typically to offer a conduit for communication, diffusion of tensions, and conflict resolution.
  • Future mapping - especially with respect to career options and alternatives in the event that the athletic career doesn't plan out 

'I've been really impressed with Minerva's services. They provided a brilliant homeschooling program so that Dion can fit his education around training and travel - something a regular school could never do. Dion's relationship with his main tutor is second to none. They go beyond academics. Dion learns so much and looks up to him as a role model. This has been invaluable in helping him become the driver he is today.'

  • Dion's father

'I really enjoy working with my tutor, Udi. He's always there for me. We do everything together. Homeschooling, writing, discussing ideas, preparing for races. He's helping me become a better person and racer. I'm so grateful - we have an amazing connection.'

  • Dion
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Dion is currently receiving full-time homeschooling from the Minerva Tutors team.