Home Schooling

Released from the restrictive framework of school opening hours and crowded classrooms,  homeschooling pupils learn from a dedicated private tutor who guides them through the official curriculum, just like a teacher would at a school, but in a 1-to-1 setting, wherever it is suitable for the child to learn.

Due to the focused, 1-on-1 nature of homeschooling, it is the highest quality education that any child can receive. With the teacher all to themselves, pupils often achieve far superior results than their peers who study in group classes. At the end of the year, homeschooling pupils visit exam centres to sit their exams and receive qualifications just like they would at a 'bricks and mortar' school.

⚡ 1-on-1 homeschooling
📚 Full school replacement programme 
🤝 Matching the pupil with the perfect tutor from our team
💁🏿 Experience with working with young sports stars
👩‍👧‍👧 Dedicated Minerva Education Support Manager
🚀 Progress-tracking technology
💯 Exam registration, mocks, and exam-technique tuition

Why Minerva?

  • We Know The Sports Industry - we work with young athletes all the time, and we’re good at it
  • Fix Any Problem, Fast - our in-house tutor team know exactly how to get brilliant results from their pupils
  • “Champion-making” Mindset  - we tutor with unique goal-based tutoring strategies that mimics the way young athletes think & learn 
  • Ultimate Flexibility - we work around our pupils timetables, arranging 1-on-1 hourly sessions or intensive courses around training and school 
  • We Come To You - online or in person
  • More Than Just Academics - our tutors take an active interest in our pupils all round development - helping them to become better characters and leaders on the pitch
“I am just so grateful I stumbled across Minerva way back in September/October last year - collectively, you guys provided a service that I did not even know existed and you have made it possible for Holly to move to the next stage of her education.

Libby, GCSE Homeschooling Parent 2021

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Case studies

Shay - GCSE Homeschooling - Everton Football Academy

Working with an established Premier League player and his family, whose son was at Everton Academy, we put forward a full-time homeschooling timetable, with 3 tutors, one for humanities, one for maths, and one for STEM, so that the student could continue to train at Everton daily but also receive a flexible, and, most importantly for him, stable education. In this case, the student had already left school and was refusing to return before the family approached Minerva. The parents were anxious to resume his education as soon as possible whilst giving clear instructions that despite their son's talent on the pitch, we should work towards him achieving passes across all his GCSE subjects. We typically taught in the mornings, and did approximately 6 hours per week with the student, with hours left over for self-study, which rose to 10 hours per week in the lead up to his exams. The student took his exams in the core subjects, Computer Science, and Geography last year, and achieved the results everyone was working for. 

Lyla - Year 9 Homeschooling - Showjumping

This homeschooling project was undertaken between Minerva and a young show-jumping protégé, Lyla, and her family. We were approached to provide full-time homeschooling because Lyla was competing at a very high level internationally and was often having to travel from her home in Belgium to events around the world. Attending a traditional school was not possible for her and she wanted the flexibility and extra support that only 1-on-1 education can provide. We supplied Lyla with two homeschooling tutors from our professional tutoring team, one teaching English and History, and the other teaching Maths and STEM subjects. All of Lyla's learning was conducted online. She met with our tutors every morning and on two afternoon's a week. finally completing her Year 9 exams in the summer and is now looking at virtual school options for GCSE.

Ivy - GCSE Homeschooling - British Swimming

'We couldn't be happier with how the homeschooling is going. I keep thinking that Inès is one of the few children whose schooling has been continuous during the pandemic. I certainly keep that thought to myself but I imagine that all of your pupils are in the same wonderful situation! So a huge thank you as Eleanor and Diana have been absolutely amazing. Inès is eager to please them and she is thriving, really enjoying learning with them."

"I just wanted to let you know that the lessons via video are working brilliantly with both Eleanor and Diana. I won’t lie: it is a lot for Inès, but she has risen to the challenge and she is managing well. Diana and Eleanor are simply wonderful and we are extremely happy with both. Thank you!"
"Inès is loving both Suhur and Tom. She is really enjoying her lessons with them which is great."

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Emily, Head Tutor