Just one or two hours a week of 1-to-1 academic tutoring outside school can focus a young athletes mind on their studies and help them stay on top of the sport / school balancing act.

Minerva Tutors provides motivational 1-on-1 academic tuition, online or in person, whether they need pushing to get the top grades, or help to stay on track in class.

⚡ 1-on-1 hourly sessions
💻 Online or in-person (if based in London)
💁🏿 Tutors experienced with working with young sports stars
🧠 Motivational, goal-based tutoring style ideal for the athlete mind
👩‍👧‍👧 Dedicated Minerva Education Support Manager
🚀 Progress-tracking technology
💯 Exam registration, mocks, and exam-technique tuition

We also provide SAT / ACT / TOEF tutoring and help young athletes prepare academically for applications to sports scholarships in the USA.

Why Minerva?

  • We Know The Sports Industry - we work with young athletes all the time, and we’re good at it
  • Fix Any Problem, Fast - our in-house tutor team know exactly how to get brilliant results from their pupils
  • “Champion-making” Mindset  - we tutor with unique goal-based tutoring strategies that mimic the way young athletes think & learn 
  • Ultimate Flexibility - we work around our pupil's timetables, arranging 1-on-1 hourly sessions or intensive courses around training and school 
  • We Come To You - online or in-person
  • More Than Just Academics - our tutors take an active interest in our pupils all round development - helping them to become better characters and leaders on the pitch

Case Studies

Charlton Football Academy

  • Motivated, slightly dyslexic 12 year old boy playing at Charlton Football Academy
  • Goal: Grandfather wanted him to achieve a place at good Croydon school at 13+
  • What we did: After school 1-on-1 sessions and intensive prep courses in the holidays, pared him with two tutors passionate about football
  • Result: place awarded   

Young F1 hopeful 

  • 14-year-old boy struggling to remain motivated at school 
  • Needed to prove to his parents he could do well academically so they would continue to support his carting career
  • What we did: Highlighted Physics as the main issue, provided 1 year of After School Tuition, once a week, for 1 hour, with one of our top science tutors, Jack
  • Achieved passes for all GCSEs and continues to compete in youth competitions to this day
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