Virtual School

Minerva’s Virtual Academy is a unique, 100% online school for 12-18-year-olds, enabling a rapidly-growing, diverse student body of elite young athletes and performers to make the best of their talent and opportunities without sacrificing the usual time to do so.

⚡ 100% online
📚 Full GCSE / A level (future) curricula
💁🏿 Dedicated 1-on-1 mentoring for sports stars
👩‍👧‍👧 Interactive group classes
🚀 Extra-curricular projects
🎤 Weekly assemblies
🎗️ Well-being sessions
💬 Exciting global community
👨‍🏫 Run by highly experienced Headmaster, ex-Wycombe Abbey - top school in the country
🤓 ‘After-school’ clubs (e.g. music, robotics, and creative computing)

Founded in 2020 by Minerva Tutors, the UK’s leading private tutoring and homeschooling organisation, the school, which can be accessed anywhere in the world, at any time, offers young sports players the chance to fit their studies around training time, supports them to become smart, intellectually-adept players, whilst also safeguarding their futures by ensuring they achieve brilliant grades at GCSE and A Level and go on to lead positive, healthy, and highly-rewarding lives.

Why Minerva?

  • We Know The Sports Industry - we work with young athletes all the time, and we’re good at it
  • Fix Any Problem, Fast - our teaching staff and mentors know exactly how to get brilliant results from their pupils
  • “Champion-making” Mindset  - we mentor with unique goal-based tutoring strategies that mimic the way young athletes think & learn 
  • Ultimate Flexibility - with the timetable of the school day no longer restricting young athletes movements, more time can be spent playing sport 
  • We Come To You - our school can be accessed wherever you want to learn, whether its at home, or in the sports club or organisation environment - like at Marcet
  • More Than Just Academics - our teachers and mentors take an active interest in our pupils all-round development - helping them to become better characters and leaders on the pitch

Case studies

Oleg - Year 11 - Fencing

In 2020, 14-year-old Oleg was struggling to keep up with his professional fencing commitments while at boarding school in the UK. He and his family decided to move back to Ukraine which would allow Oleg the chance to focus on fencing, more regularly compete in national competitions, and impress at national Olympic qualification events. At Minerva's Virtual Academy, Oleg trains every day and moves his mentor sessions around times that suit him. He's a kinaesthetic learner who learns by doing, often seen with his laptop in the training hall and re-watching live subject lessons from our teachers. Recently, Oleg and a teammate have a huge international STEM prize - more details to be announced soon. Oleg is studying triple science, maths higher, English Language and Literature, and Spanish. He will take his GCSEs this year.

Zack - Year 10 - Rugby

Zack needed an education solution that would allow him to concentrate fully on his early rugby career at a dedicated academy in Leeds. Leaving his 'bricks and mortar' school and joining the Academy was a big step for him, but thanks to his mentor, Katie, who helped him with structuring his work and timetabling his day, Zack has flourished with his studies, attending lessons in the mornings and then committing his talent to the training ground every afternoon. He studies all three sciences, Business Studies, English, Maths, Psychology, and Spanish.

Ivy- Year 9 - Cheerleading

Cheerleader. Ivy. Based in the UK and training to compete on the national circuit, Ivy has brought brilliant enthusiasm for life and learning to our Year 9 classes. Her reasons for joining an online school were a mixture of practicality but also lifestyle. Ivy's cheerleading mostly takes place on the weekends, but having the flexibility during the week to complete school assignments at her own pace means she's not burned out when it comes to Saturday, when she needs to perform. Ivy is studying Triple Science, Maths, English, and History. 

Lukian - Year 11 - Showjumping

Based in Eastern Europe, Lukian and his family needed a way for him to access a very high standard of schooling that gave him the flexibility to travel to national show jumping competitions. Lukian is a highly intelligent pupil who benefits greatly from the school being able to support his talent, pushing him to greater heights, in the classroom as well as on the showground. He is currently studying Triple Science, English Literature, English Language, Maths, and History, all higher papers.

Contact us here or on 0203 637 6477
Currently enrolling into Years 9, 10, 11
A Level's start Sept 2022
Oleg, Year 11
Lukian, Year 11
Ivy, Year 10
Jakub, Year 11